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Caitlin Bird

No one really knows what to expect when having a baby. One thing new parents learn quickly is that an unsettled baby makes you second-guess everything. It can be really challenging trying to figure out the needs of this tiny, vulnerable person you’ve just met. And it breaks your heart when it feels nothing you …

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The birth of a placenta is referred to as the third stage of labour. The first stage being the bulk of the labour itself, and the second being the pushing/birth stage. Although the party isn’t over after your babe is born, fortunately the placenta doesn’t have bones, and it is relatively painless to birth. It …

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I think we can all agree that work-life balance is something most women are ever striving for, yet may never feel like we’ve achieved it.

So how do you survive then Mama? Emotionally, physically, mentally – what if we can thrive and not just survive?

Here are 6 BIG work-life balance mistakes I’ve made, and sometimes still make… because I’m not perfect, and that is ok.

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Most pregnant Mamas loathe ‘the diabetes test’. No one in their right mind enjoys fasting before smashing 75gm of glucose. BUT, unfortunately the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) is here to stay. Unless some genius comes up with a fool-proof cure for Gestational Diabetes. So we’ve laid out exactly what you need to do to make …

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Labour and birth can be likened to running a marathon. You wouldn’t just rock up on the day and hope you make it to the finish line. You wouldn’t prepare yourself mentally, but completely skip the physical prep.  Regular exercise in pregnancy is known to promote easier labour and birth. No one could deny they …

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