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Motherhood Coffee Chats

Grab A Coffee, Let’s Chat About Motherhood

You know that feeling when you’re looking down at your baby and you’re not quite sure what on earth you’re supposed to do? I mean, who left you in charge of a baby?

Perhaps you know the feeling of wondering if this whole motherhood thing is actually right for you. And you wonder if all other mothers feel the same way too…

Maybe you’re just looking for ways to cope with the day to day challenges that motherhood brings. 

Grab a coffee, let’s chat, because Mama, you’re not alone. 

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Wondering if we take ourselves seriously? Watch this…

This coffee chat is for you if…

  • You feel like motherhood is a bit bloody tough some days
  • You wonder if you’re the only one who doesn’t cope with motherhood
  • You are interested in finding out ways to cope with motherhood with a newborn, in the first year and beyond.
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Don’t have time for coffee now?

We hear you Mama… we don’t expect you to be able to just drop everything and have a coffee and a chat right now. 

We also don’t expect that you’ll be able to predict when you’ll be available… 

That’s why we have recorded this coffee chat session for you. Watch a little now, a little later, or whenever you have time. 

But who are we and what do we know?

Combine a Midwife and a Paramedic who laugh so hard evertime they get in front of a camera, and you have us: Caitlin and Krystal – co-founders of The Empowered Mama Project. 

Caitlin is a Midwife with over a decade experience in supporting women through pregnancy, birth and the first weeks of motherhood. She is also a Mama to a spirited little boy, and manages to fit motherhood, wife life, midwife life and business all into her calendar (I’ve seen her calendar, it’s crazy). 

Krystal is a Paramedic with 10 years of experience in Pre-Hosptial Emergency Medicine. Since having her own children, she has focused on helping women feel empowered in their birth and motherhood experiences. Krystal has two children (aka, Thing 1 & Thing 2) and is not ashamed to admit she needs time out from her kids from time to time. 

Together we have a wealth of knowledge and strategies on how to cope with the many aspects of motherhood, and understand that each woman has her own challenges, strengths and experiences. 

So… want to chat?

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