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15 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Babymoon

You don’t need me to tell you that once that gorgeous baby of yours arrives, things are going to be a little bit (understatement) different for a while.

Whether it’s baby number 1 or baby number 9, the life and dynamics you’re used to are about to get all shook up. Enter: The Babymoon.

If you’re sitting there scratching your head you’re not alone.

Once upon I time I too had no idea what a babymoon was, let alone that us mere non-Kardashians could have one. But you need to know, they are amazing.

The idea is that before your new babe arrives, you and hubs dash of for a last-ditch effort to relax, reconnect and you know, sleep, before all of these things become a distant memory.

You can take a mini getaway somewhere, or if you have older kids, you can send them to the grandparents for the weekend in order to get that babymoon time in.

While it may not be as grand as a honeymoon, there are some tips to get the most out of your babymoon so you head into the last stages of pregnancy a little more relaxed, refreshed and ready for what’s ahead.

1 – Get Your Timing Right

The timing of your babymoon will largely depend on where you’re planning to go, but you want to make sure you don’t pack your bags and head off too soon.

The whole idea is for it to be a relaxing time before your baby arrives, a chance to unwind.

If you take your babymoon in your first trimester you’re probably not going to enjoy it as much (and you might end up throwing up half the time you’re there – not very relaxing).

Also, keep in mind, if you leave your getaway until your third trimester, you may not be able to fly as some airlines restrict the flight of pregnant women or you may need to stay close to a hospital.

Also, late in your third trimester, you might be super uncomfortable and you might not want to really go anywhere.

Aim for somewhere towards the later stages of your second trimester.

Your bump will be big enough to be noticed but not so big it’s mega uncomfortable and you can make the most of that second trimester energy boost some women rave about!

2 – Plan Ahead

While the idea of going wherever the road may lead seems exciting when you’re backpacking Europe, it’s not quite the same for your babymoon.

Plan ahead for things like location, activities and even check around locally for where you’re staying for maternity facilities nearby just in case they’re needed.

3 – Try To Revisit Somewhere That Means Something To You

Is there somewhere you and your husband have been that means the world to you?

Perhaps where he proposed, or somewhere you go each year for a vacation.

Going somewhere like this will not only help you connect with your husband again, but it will also be familiar, which can be quite comforting during pregnancy.

If you don’t have anywhere in mind, find a place you’d love to visit and perhaps you can make it your sentimental place and come back there each year for family vacations once your new little babe arrives.

4 – Keep Travel Distance In Mind

While the idea of sitting in a car for 6 hours doesn’t seem so bad right now, by the later stages of your pregnancy it could be uncomfortable and painful.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause all kinds of hip and lower back pain, especially during pregnancy thanks to the hormone relaxin, which is great for labour, not so great for long car trips.

The same goes for long plane flights. Your tropical getaway might have to be a little closer, but your hips will thank you for it.

5 – Splurge On A Late Checkout

Most hotels offer a late checkout option, so why not make the most of it?

Enjoy that long sleep in on your last day of your babymoon and squeeze every bit out of that holiday while you can. Most hotels have amazing block out curtains so you can snooze in the dark for hours without being disturbed.

A late checkout also means you can have a slow and relaxing day, enjoy a delicious breakfast and not have to rush around getting ready to go home.

Your babymoon is your opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before your new little babe arrives, a chance to focus on yourself and your husband. So why not get the most out of your babymoon with these tips and make sure you have a fantastic time too.

6 – Do Something You Love

What is it you love to do? Something that is just for you.

Walks on the beach, swimming in the pool, massages, shopping… whatever makes you happy.

Once you become a mama you tend to put everyone else’s needs before your own and it takes a little while to relearn how to include self care into your days again.

So make the most of your babymoon and the opportunity it gives you to spoil yourself!

7 – Make The Most of Room Service

Pregnancy cravings are just insane sometimes, and there are stages when you’ll be hungry all the time. So why not make the most of room service?

Stay in your pyjamas and have waffles with ice-cream delivered to you at midnight. I mean, who doesn’t love waffles?

If you’re not up for midnight snacking, perhaps use room service to order your breakfast so you’ve got something to eat as soon as you wake. Having lots of small meals will help keep your energy up too.

8 – Take Time To Connect With Your Husband

Okay, let’s not forget hubs in all of this, after all, it’s his babymoon too.

Take some time to do something special together.

While it might be in his nature to shower you with love and attention while pregnant, life is going to get a bit crazy for him too so it’s important to take some time to connect.

A baby is incredibly demanding, use this time to really focus on each other and on the two of you as a couple.

This strong foundation you have will help you so much during those first few months with a baby.

9 – Listen To Your Body

You might be temped to cram as much as you possibly can into this babymoon.

And while the idea of shopping up a storm and walking around all day followed by dinner and drinks (non-alcoholic of course) sounds great, you might have to take it a bit easy.

Listen to your body. If you’re getting aches and pains, relax.

Have a mid-morning nap (and an afternoon nap) and don’t push yourself too hard.

You don’t want to have to feel like you need a holiday to recover from your babymoon.

10 – Relax, Relax, Relax

The whole point of your babymoon is to relax, so make it happen.

Sleep in, take naps, get a massage, do whatever you need to do to just relax.

If you’re the kind of person who is tempted to do everything (hands up…) then perhaps try to stay somewhere where this isn’t possible.

A rainforest retreat cabin where you relax in a spa all day sounds pretty darn good.

11 – Sleep

Oh, precious sleep.

Okay, the reality is sleep probably isn’t the easiest thing to come by right now and it might be super uncomfortable, but do take this opportunity to sleep.

And sleep with your husband, cuddle, spoon, sleep holding hands. It might be a while before you get to do this again.

Your babymoon is your opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before your new little babe arrives, a chance to focus on yourself and your husband. So why not get the most out of your babymoon with these tips and make sure you have a fantastic time too.

12 – Eat, Eat Well and Eat Often

When you’re away from home it can be easy to get carried away and not eat as often or as well as you should.

Be sure to have snacks ready (good energy snacks with protein and good fats) and take time to sit and eat regularly.

Be sure to hydrate well too and refer to #9, listen to your body.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to try out all the great cafe’s in the area too!

13 – Dress For Comfort

Forget the heels and stick with sneakers and comfy shoes.

While you might want to dress up on your babymoon, be sure you’re still comfortable.

Stay in your pyjamas while in your hotel room, stick to bathers by the pool and anything with an elastic waistband is always a winner.

14 – Use That Bump To Your Advantage

Want to jump a line, get a better seat or be served first? Put that bump on show and good things will come your way.

I know, I know, you shouldn’t expect special treatment, but it’s your babymoon. 

If there’s any time for special treatment it’s now!

Be sure to let the hotel know you’re on your babymoon when you book too, some hotels will go above and beyond with extra treats for you!

15 – Keep Your Midwife In The Loop

It’s always a good idea to let your midwife (or obstetrician) know if you’re heading out of town for an extended period of time, especially as you approach the later stages of your pregnancy.

Be sure to program all necessary numbers into your phone, including the local maternity unit just in case you run into any complications along the way.

It’s always best to be prepared.

But, above all else, be sure to enjoy yourself! Take some time to just enjoy the moment, you are growing a beautiful little baby and that is an incredible thing to do.

Your babymoon is your opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before your new little babe arrives, a chance to focus on yourself and your husband. So why not get the most out of your babymoon with these tips and make sure you have a fantastic time too.

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